Story Mischief

The Good Samaritan: When Loving Thy Neighbor Isn't Easy

Episode Summary

This week on Story Mischief... I'm joined by therapist and equine coach Theresa Moore. Together we discuss the in's and out's of the biblical tale, The Good Samaritan. Theresa shares the influence this story has had on her time and again, while Michael reflects on how the telling or the story (more so than the story itself) had a major influence on his own desire to to be a storyteller.

Episode Notes

The Good Samaritan

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When you struggle to explain what you do, who it's for, and why it matters, growing a business can feel like an impossible task. At Sagefire Mentoring, we use a story-based approach and nature-oriented framework to help you communicate your message in a way that feels authentic and attracts customers.